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Ba ba ba. Ba Banana~

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Bada’s performance and Exo’s reactions…Baekhyun’s face FTW

Baekhyun despises the hetero 

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sunggyu’s super cute reactions

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"is hoya poisonous to cats"

i would die to know which of Inspirits (or non Inspirits) actually googled these things.

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……. beautiful moment …….

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exo dancing to female president and bubble pop!

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part 1 | part 2

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this is true xD  ♥click

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[PRE-DEBUT] Xiumin 
CR. exo_spy & DC

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Normally I don’t like making gifs like this because I could care less if Kai was red, blue or green, I’d still stan the hell out of him because he’s an amazing entertainer. However I found this statement funny because it almost seem as if he’s putting those people who like to make “dark skinned” comments/jokes about him together (basically throwing some helpful shade) and defending/speaking for himself about his skin tone all in one. Really Kim Jongin you are perfection.

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